Impressions of the Jury

Jury Members

  • Lucie Chan (Halifax)
  • Paul Emile Comeau (Saulnierville)
  • Adrian Hoffman (Sambro)
  • Penney Longley (Dartmouth)
  • Alistair MacLeod (Inverness)
  • Ed Matwawana (Dartmouth)
  • Jim Morrow (Port Williams)
  • Richard Mueller (Halibut Bay)


The eight-member jury was impressed and challenged by quality of many of the nominations. They represented a diversity of disciplines from various fields of endeavors that reflect the richness of the Nova Scotia cultural community.

The works exhibited a real sense of community, a dedication to their respective arts and crafts, examples of individual creativity and craft and an ability to tell a story about our history, contemporary life.

Each nomination, in its own way, pushed the boundaries of its respective medium while, at the same time, remained sensitive to its audience.

Le Théâtre Petit Cercle

This work captures beautifully the sense of community which the arts can inspire and challenges us all to be innovative and involved with our communities. Le Petit Cercle is a team effort, a marriage of respected architects from Halifax and members of the Cheticamp community.

They created and erected a building that represents an ongoing and dazzling sense of wonder. The design is bold, innovative and visually startling. Made of local materials, it includes a focus on youth and exhibits a sense of function. It reflects back to the community and anyone who visits the area, the natural stark beauty, romance and human activity in this area of Cape Breton.

The work represents a permanent, visible source of pride for the local community and the entire province which will continue to be an inspiration for other artists.

Spirits of Coora Road

This colourful and imaginative large tapestry shares an experience of life in Trinidad with the viewer. It’s a rare and vivid example of an art form that requires the utmost in individual commitment, tenacity and dedication.

It’s wonderful use of variously and vividly coloured materials, requires artistic vision and planning. It is full of depth and the overall effect provides the viewer a fresh, new experience.

To Find Us: Words and Images of Halifax

This anthology of words and images combined in a small compact book presents the city of Halifax as a warm, human and very real place. The combinations of words and photos inspire readers to become involved and create their own associations and conclusions.

The collection is diverse in class, age and culture and goes well beyond the stereotypical image of the city of Halifax.

Variations on the Halifax Explosion for Orchestra

This is a substantial and “explosive” piece of music that resonates with a “world event” that all Nova Scotians can relate to.

The work is both challenging and accessible to the listener. It also challenges the performers, in this case The Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, to perform at a high standard of virtuosity and expression. Composed for the NSYO it is represents a superb means of communicating an historic event to the next generation.

It’s a masterwork that could be performed and have life in any symphonic concert hall in the world.

Wave Over Wave

This installation masterwork represents a sensitive blend of the rural and urban, a moment in time that stretches the senses and spans the deeply personal and regionally reflective.

It combines musical, sound, visual and historic elements and displays the diversity of the universal message of the sea; where land meets the sea.