Canvas 5 x 5

Winner of the 2016 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award

Creators: Tedd Robinson (choreographer), Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker, Susanne Chui, Ruth-Ellen Kroll-Jackson (dancers), Mocean Dance (producer).

Nominator: Don Rieder.

Created and produced by Mocean Dance, Canvas 5 x 5 was first presented by Live Art Dance in Halifax in 2012. It includes notable improvised passages. The four female dancers enact the imagined origins of Celtic dance, accompanied by recorded Celtic music. Throughout the performance, the dancers deploy lengths of canvas to unique effect. The dance is profound in its integration of form and concept. One of the dancers, Ruth-Ellen Kroll-Jackson, was a 2015 Masterworks Juror.

Jury Comments:

“The dancers are athletic and precise, and their performance appears effortless. The choreography serves them perfectly.”

“Canvas 5 x 5 is the best dance to come out of this province. It raises the bar.”

Mocean Dance, now in its 15th year, is a company-in-residence at Halifax Dance.

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