When it Rains – Anthony Black, Nick Bottomley, Christian Barry

Creators: Anthony Black, Nick Bottomley, Christian Barry

Nominator: Alexis Milligan

When it Rains described by its creators as a live-action existential graphic novel, tells the story of four people: siblings Allan and Anna and their spouses Sybil and Louis. The play explores their relationships, and their struggles to hold on to their sense of their place in the world. What distinguishes When It Rains is its staging which employs a single projector as the only light source for the entire performance. The interaction of actors and projected silhouette images gives the performance a 2-dimensional effect. The result is an engaging and provocative piece of theatre.

Jury comments: Highly original—lighting and silhouettes produce the effect of a live storybook. 22 scenes do not feel like too many. Elegantly crafted; brilliantly understated. Exceptional production values. Impressive record of reception. It is an ingenious tactic to avoid using (occasionally unreliable) stage lighting in a touring show.