Alma – Georgette Leblanc

2007 Finalist

Creator: Georgette Leblanc

Nominator: Carol Doucet

Seconders: Dawn Arnold, Rolande Comeau

Alma is a collection of poetry with a narrative thread that  evokes particular places, times and people in the Baie Sainte Marie region. The  poet artfully mixes local dialect with standardized French and brings oral and  vernacular traditions to the written word. The collection is replete with  beautiful poetic images and insight into the inner life of the protagonist,  Alma. While the text follows its main character through various eras, most  notably the turbulent times of the Depression and Second World War, Alma is  more than just a story. Its rich and eloquent language presents powerful images  through a dialect that has too seldom been celebrated in literature. In addition to beautiful imagery, this is a work that gives a largely unwritten  language place and importance.