Ann-Marie Kerr

Most recently she performed in Funny Money at Festival Antigonish and Zuppa Theatre’s The Debacle at Festival TransAmeriques. The Debacle was originally performed by co-creator Susan Leblanc and directed by Ann-Marie and played at the Plutonium Playhouse in Halifax and at Nightwood Theatre’s 2011 Groundswell Festival in Toronto and continues to tour.

Select directing includes Zuppa Theatre’s Five Easy Steps to the End of the World; 2b theatre company’s Invisible Atom that continues to tour internationally; The Comedy of Errors at Dalhousie University Theatre; Daniel MacIvor’s Confession for Mulgrave Road Theatre Company. Select performing includes 2b theatre company’s Homage and Soul Alone; The Long Valley-Stories by Steinbeck at Soulpepper Theatre Company; Theatre Smith Gilmour’s Dr. Chekhov’s Ward 6 and Chekhov Longs…In the Ravine.

She teaches all over Canada and is a graduate of Ecole internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq and York University. She is Board President of Playwright’s Atlantic Resource Centre (PARC). Ann-Marie won the inaugural the Gina Wilkinson Prize for Emerging Female Director.

Upcoming she will direct I, Claudia at the Globe Theatre in Regina, Sonya Summerville – Confessions of A Seasonal Thespian; and Pump Trolley – all for 2013 productions.