Beyond the Terminating Vista (Rebuild) – Steve Higgins

Winner of the 2013 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award

Creator: Steve Higgins

Nominator: Kim Morgan

Beyond the Terminating Vista (Rebuild), constructed entirely of building lumber, occupied a space 60 feet long, 20 feet wide and 20 feet high at MSVU Art Gallery. During the six-week construction phase the gallery was open to visitors, who could talk with the artist and his young crew as they worked. Higgins describes this witnessing of his process as a “theatre of labour.” In the second phase the finished work was presented, and at the exhibition’s close it was dismantled and the parts donated to Habitat for Humanity. Monumental yet ephemeral, Beyond the Terminating Vista (Rebuild) formed a collage-like compendium of modernist architectural motifs. Some of these were physically accessible to viewers and others, floating overhead, were available only to the eye.

Jury comments: Courageous of the artist to tackle such a large space. A sophisticated piece and a bold step in a new direction for the artist. Vantage points from 2 separate elevations were well considered. Laboriousness of the process a key component in the significance of the work.  Long, 2-phase exposure (work in progress, then the finished work) achieved effective public impact. Well–presented nomination supported by excellent photographic documentation.