Concerto for Tabla & Orchestra; or, Tabla Concerto

Creator: Dinuk Wijeratne (composer)

Nominator: Bernhard Gueller

The Concerto for Tabla and Orchestra received its premiere from Symphony Nova Scotia in 2012. It is a symphonic composition for a non-Western solo instrument and Western classical orchestra. Creator Dinuk Wijeratne’s notation is innovative in its scoring of an Indian instrument, the tabla, within the Western concerto form. The composition combines Eastern and Western forms without compromise. The Jury is proud to acknowledge the composition’s Nova Scotian origin. The Concerto for Tabla and Orchestra is building a legacy of cultural fusion in music, thanks to the outstanding musicianship of Dinuk Wijeratne. Concerto for Tabla and Orchestra was a 2012 Masterworks Finalist; it was eligible for renomination because it has since received international performances and taken its place in the repertoire. Bernhard Gueller nominated the work both in 2012 and 2016.

Jury Comments: “Visually evocative, well-crafted and beautifully structured. The recitation adds a level of pleasure that lifts the whole piece.”

Dinuk Wijeratne was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in Dubai, and lives in Nova Scotia.

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