Harmonic Motion

Harmonic MotionCreators: Toshiko H. MacAdam and Charles MacAdam

Nominator: Sandra Brownlee

Harmonic Motion is an enormous, interactive crocheted play structure commissioned in 2013 and installed in an art gallery in Rome as part of a major Italian contemporary art festival.  Its colourful, net-like structure is typical of the productions of the MacAdams. The materials were processed, dyed and hand-crocheted in their Bridgetown, Nova Scotia studio. Harmonic Motion comes alive when one child’s movement within it initiates a chain reaction.  Energy is transmitted back and forth from one participant to the next.

Jury Comments: The jury remarked on the breadth of the work’s sensory appeal, which encompasses the visual, aural and physical.  They also noted its ability to engage a full range of age-groups, and described its labour-intensive realization as “astounding.”