Lounge Chair No. 2

Creator: Jonathan Otter (woodworker)

Nominator: Suzanne Allen-Bastow

This is the second Masterworks Finalist by Creator Jonathan Otter, whose J Class Lounge Chair and Footstool was selected in 2012. Lounge Chair No. 2 (2015) is composed of black walnut and white ash, with strikingly fluid legs-to-seat joinery. As a handmade object the chair demonstrates breathtaking technical skill. Its form is sculpturally conceived—a masterful example of fine craft and design. The chair’s design is visibly rooted in Nova Scotian forms, and encompasses multiple strands of design history in one work. The resulting singularity sums up its impact.

Jury Comments: “[We are] impressed by the graceful blending of the traditional with the modern.”

Jonathan Otter is an award-winning furniture designer and maker in Earltown.

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