Nominations OPEN for the 2021 Masterworks Arts Award 

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COVID-19 2021 Nomination Changes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Masterworks Foundation has decided to reduce the use of hard-copy materials as much as possible. As a result, nominations will only be accepted in one of two ways in 2021:

Option 1: Submitted via our online portal

Option 2: On a USB Drive, mailed to Masterworks

With either option, hard copies of the Work itself may be mailed to Masterworks.

If this submission plan poses a barrier to you or should you have any questions, please contact our Administrator at or at 902-407-8885.

External vs. Internal Nominations - Which should you choose?

External Nominations are nominations made by someone who made no professional or personal contributions to the work being nominated and does not stand to benefit professionally or by association should the nominated work be selected as a Finalist/Winner.

Examples of external nominators include: Colleagues working in similar disciplines, representatives from provincial service organizations; past presenter of the work who does not intend to re-engage the piece.


Internal Nominations are nominations made by the Creator OR someone who made a professional or personal contribution to the work being nominated OR someone who stands to benefit professionally or by association should the nominated work be selected as a Finalist/Winner

Examples of internal nominators include: representative from an organization who commissioned the work; a producer who intends to present/publish the work; agents, editors and/or managers for the Creator of the work.

Please review the Award Guidelines to ensure which category best-suits your nomination. If you still have questions, please contact Masterworks directly.