Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

Winner of the 2018 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award

Creators: Christian Barry, Ben Caplan and Hannah Moscovitch

Nominator: Karen Gross, 2b Theatre Company (Self Nomination)

Combining music and theatre, Old Stock’s creators have developed a cohesive work of art that does not bend theatre or music to the other’s demands. The spoken text tells the story of Moscovitch’s great grandparents’ arrival in Canada in 1907 as Jewish refugees from Romania—and how they fell in love after meeting by chance. The original music derives from Klezmer, Rock and Roll, Folk and Jewish liturgical music. As the show begins, the audience is greeted with a shipping container sitting on stage. The front of the container opens and reveals a five-piece band in period clothing. Everyone in the band performs as both musician and actor. The production has received accolades both in Nova Scotia and in its off-Broadway presentation in New York.

“Mesmerizing in all aspects” and the “best production yet by 2b theatre” sums up what the jury thought of this work.

To read more about the production, click here.


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