Polyphonic Lively

Winner of the 2017 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award

Creator: Dinuk Wijeratne (Composer)
Nominator: Christos Hatzis

This 13-minute large ensemble composition was commissioned by Symphony Nova Scotia to open the orchestra’s 2016-17 season. Wijeratne is “masterful in his art,” integrating an array of multicultural influences, and his incorporation of North-Indian tabla chakradhar rhythms is particularly ingenious. The piece was rapturously received by Nova Scotian audiences upon its world premiere, and praised again at the Newfound Music Festival at Memorial University. The Sri-Lankan-born Dinuk Wijeratne lives in Nova Scotia, and is the Creator of three previous Masterworks Finalists.

Polyphonic Lively was the first new composition for Symphony Nova Scotia as RBC Composer in Residence.

A note from Wijeratne: “The nature of ‘Polyphonic Lively’ is character-driven and, through sharp turns and decisive action, its ‘journey’ is simply what the characters make of it.”

Visit Dinuk Wijeratne’s website here.




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