Scott Macmillan

Scott Macmillan enjoys a stellar reputation in Nova Scotia and abroad for his unusual versatility working in the fields of classical, pop, jazz, blues and celtic music. He is equally at home on a podium, in the studio or behind a guitar. Scott is in great demand as a conductor, performer, composer/arranger and producer.

Scott Macmillan’s creative passion has led to many exciting commissions. Most recently he composed We Are Africville for Blue Engine String Quartet and percussion. During the 2009 Celtic Colours, Macmillan premiered Suite Silver Dart. In 2008 Within Sight of Shore was short-listed for the NS Lieutenant Governor Masterworks Prize. His Environmental Choral Classical Celtic composition and collaboration with Jennyfer Brickenden, the Celtic Mass for the Sea, is unprecedented with over 60 performances nationally and internationally including 12 performances in Germany. In 2003 Macmillan composed his 1st Symphony SUMMUS and is regularly writing for Scott n’ the Rocks his on-going 12-piece jazz ensemble.

Scott plays an integral role in broadening the audience for the Atlantic Canadian music scene. Until 2005 he created relationships between the classical world, building bridges among the diversity of Nova Scotia’s musical and cultural communities.  He performed pivotal roles in the careers of Rita MacNeil, the Rankin Family Band and the Nova Scotia Mass Choir.  Scott has been awarded with a Doctor of Letters from Cape Breton University, 2009 Roger Taylor Medal for Musical Accomplishment and an Honorary Diploma from the NSCC School of Applied Arts. In 2008, Scott joined the Faculty of Music at Dalhousie University.

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