See Below – Susan Feindel

2011 Finalist

Creator: Susan Feindel

Nominator: Ineke Graham (Visual Arts – Mixed Media Installation)

Seconders: Wayne Boucher, Andrea Fatona

Susan Feindel’s installation See Below offers a total immersive experience of the deep ocean environment through a group of huge black and white canvases (based on sonar side-scan imagery) covering the floor of a dimly-lit gallery, with an ambient sound-scape and small pin-pricked map drawings illuminated from beneath. Original in conception and execution, the installation combines science, technology and art, dramatically invoking the ecological fragility of the oceans off Canada’s Eastern continental shelf, and, by inference, around the globe.

See Below was a Finalist for the Masterworks Award in 2009, and has since been presented in the Ottawa Art Gallery (2010) and MSVU Art Gallery has published an extensive illustrated catalogue about it.