Ted Cavanagh

In his 20s and 30s, Ted had an award-winning architectural practice in Vancouver that was published nationally and internationally. He has chaired and participated in professional accreditation of architectural programs in United States and Canada. He was on the editorial board of The Journal of Architectural Education (MIT Press) and the Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Partnership Council. He has lectured or taught at over thirty universities.

He and his students won the best building in Canada for 2005 for a community-based design and build children’s theatre in Cheticamp. The project has been honoured as an example of collaborative architectural practice with his colleagues and with members of the community by the Associated Schools of Collegiate Architecture. It won the prestigious Masterworks Award as the best artistic work in Nova Scotia. Design/build work from the summers of 2010 and 2011 are outlined in the blog: dalcoastalstudio.blogspot.com.

He is the recipient of the American Architectural Foundation Award; the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Foundation Award; major grants for research in integrated planning of coastal communities; and is a research fellow of the Winterthur Institute. He has served as chair of architecture program at Clemson University, an Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture conference and the Killam Lectures.

His work has appeared as chapters in three books, in 23 newspaper articles, in ten radio interviews, in three television news stories, and in these journals: Momentum, University Affairs, OnSite, Journal of Architectural Education (3), American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Design Book Review, Canadian Architect (2), and LeJournal (French Colonial Society) (2). His architectural work has been reproduced and reviewed in Canadian Architect (5), Progressive Architecture, Architectural Review, and in AD Architectural Design.