What a Young Wife Ought to Know

Creators: Hannah Moscovitch (playwright), Christian Barry (director), Nominator: Roberta Barker

Produced by 2b theatre company and presented at Neptune Theatre in Halifax, What a Young Wife Ought to Know is a new play by the distinguished Canadian playwright Hannah Moscovitch. Set in the 1920s, the play deals with women’s sexuality and abortion. Moscovitch’s bold drama is staged with 2b’s typical technical precision, enhanced by exceptional lighting and set design. This theme is handled in a courageous, engaging fashion, with a high level of artistic accomplishment on all fronts, including masterful direction by Christian Barry. The production shows growing artistic maturity on the part of 2b theatre company. The play is set in Ottawa, but could have happened in any Canadian town. 2b theatre company produced 2013 Masterworks Finalist When It Rains, by Anthony Black, Nick Bottomley, and Christian Barry.

Jury Comments: “This play will end up in the lexicon of Canadian theatre. It’s going to be remembered.”

Hannah Moscovitch is an award-winning playwright based in Halifax.

Christian Barry is a director, dramaturge, actor, writer, and designer from Halifax.

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